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H/2/7 Info

Looking for an H/2/7
Vietnam Marine or Corpsman?

We donít publish a list of names and addresses at this time. We realize not everyone wants their personal information on the web so we do our best to honor their privacy. However, in the future we will poll our membership and get their input on this subject. But for now, specifics will not be published on this site. Stay tuned. What we will do is try to find the Veteran you are seeking and ask if they want their contact information released. At present we know the location of approximately 400 H/2/7 Veterans and Corpsman, so if the person you are seeking is in our data base, we are pretty much guaranteed a response.

There are about 2,000 un-located Hotel Veterans. Identifying and locating these individuals is an ongoing process and requires hours of labor and significant cost. So, if youíre looking for someone give us as much information as possible. A full name, including middle name is helpful. Where were they from? In what city did they attend high school? If youíve heard from them since Vietnam, where were they residing? Who did they work for? If married, what is their wifeís name? The more you know the more we can help.

We donít honor blanket requests. As an example, donít ask us to send you names and addresses of everyone in 1st Platoon in 1966. We simply donít have the time or resources to honor requests such as these. If your contact with these people is important to you, come to a reunion (believe me you wonít be sorry).

If you know of a US Marine or Navy Corpsman who served with H/2/7 in Vietnam, and think it doubtful we do not have information on them, please contact us and we will ask them to join our most informal association.

Why do we bother with all this? Fair question, that has three answers. First and foremost we go to great lengths to get the word out about reunion gatherings. We have them every two years and rotate the location around the country. Weíve had people come from as far away as Guam and they didnít regret it. Second, it puts me (the webmaster) in touch with veterans who can provide information for a book Iím writing about H/2/7. Thereís a separate web page describing this effort. Just click on the link titled H/2/7 Book Project.

Last, if youíve ever seen the look on someoneís face when they recognize someone to whom they entrusted their life, you feel rewarded beyond your wildest imagination.

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